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  • Is this your full time job
    Yes, absolutely, that’s all I do. I must say, I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful job, I love it.
  • How do I book and what is required
    A € 200 deposit is required on booking to secure the date. I will also email you out a booking form to fill out.
  • Do you work alone
    Yes, I work alone. I have photographed hundredths of weddings and I am quite confident in getting all the photographs you need. Prior to the wedding I will run through the schedule of the day with you so that I will prepared and know exactly what needs to happen.
  • How long after the wedding do, we receive our photographs"
    Within 6 weeks depending on time of year, I should have all your images edited. I will upload all images to a password secured gallery for you to view, I will also post you out a high-resolution USB memory flash drive containing all images.
  • What is a sneak peek slideshow
    A sneak peek slideshow is a 60-80 image slideshow of the highlights of your wedding day. You can see examples of these on the “Recent Weddings” link These slideshows are a great way to show your wedding photographs to family and friends.
  • Do I have copyright to my images after the wedding
    You have full print release of your photos with no watermarks. As the photographer , I still have copyright.
  • How many images do you usually take
    I do not cap the number of photographs I take, I am snap happy on the wedding day. Depending on which package you go with, the amount of images ranges from 700 plus.
  • If I booked the extended package, what extra do I get"
    The extended packages include coverage from the pre wedding preparations until after the first few dances. I find this takes a lot of pressure off the bride and groom because it gives you time, after the meal to take all those extra photographs you may not had time pre dinner, such as photographs with your aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, work friends, etc. This will also include taking photographs of the speeches, the first few dances, any night time photographs you may want, i.e., outside in the dark with sparkles, bridal suite photographs, etc.
  • What if my dress gets dirty
    As a wedding photographer , I know how important your dress is . I make suggestions on your wedding day of where to stand for wedding photos but its totally up to you . I dont take any responsibility if your dress gets dirty.
  • Do I need to pick a specific package on booking
    No, I usually tell people to book the basic digital package and decide closer to the wedding if you want to upgrade to the extended or album package.
  • When do we pay the balance
    The balance is paid prior to the wedding or on the wedding day, this would be standard industry practice.
  • Do you have insurance
    To use certain public areas for photography it is required to have insurance, so yes, I am fully insured. If you require a copy of my insurance certificate, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • I would like an album, how does this process work"
    My two most popular albums are the storybook album (can hold up to 120 images) and the matted albums (can hold up to 80 images), with the storybook albums being the most popular. Once you receive high-resolution USB memory flash drive containing all of your images you will see that each image has a specific number. From the USB, you can pick your favourite 120 images, I will then design the album around the photographs you have pick. Once the album is designed, I will email it back to you for approval, once you are happy with the design it is sent to print. You should then receive your album within 6 weeks.
  • I see your based in Bantry, do you only cover West Cork"
    No, I cover all of Munster, people do think Bantry is a long way away from anywhere, but within an hour, I can be in Cork City or Killarney. Annually, I would do 40% West Cork, 30% Cork City, 20% Kerry and 10 other areas. With over 10 years in the business there is very little places I have not been.
  • Can you cover both the bride and grooms house on the morning of wedding
    Yes, this is possible, if both members of the couple live in close proximity to each other. I usually leave it up to the couple how they want to work the morning of the wedding. Sometimes I go to the brides first for a while and then pop out the grooms and then back to the bride until she leaves for the church. If proximity is a problem, I could arrange for another photographer to go to the groom’s house, however, this will involve an extra charge. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss this further, if you think this would be something you would be interested in.
  • How would you describe your style of photography
    I think my style is a good mix for natural, candid and posed photography. I believe I cover all bases, which helps me create a prefect picture of your day. I am very discrete during the ceremony, where possible, I try not to use flash during the ceremony, you will hardly notice I am there. I believe in putting my couple an ease, making the whole experience as relaxed and as joyful as possible.
  • Can we get Raw or unedited files
    No, Sorry . You will get edited jpeg files
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